A fractional carbon dioxide laser device produced using the cutting edge technology...


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser (FraxiVa©) device is the combination of a variety of components such as electronic devices. The device consists of the combination of the articulated arm that transmits the laser beams, and the laser units that constitutes the main body.
Main Laser Units
1. American RF Tube
2. Korean Metal Tube
3. China Glass Tube

We have 3 different main laser unit options. These options are American RF Tube made in the United States, Korean Metal Tube made in South Korea, and China Glass Tube made in China.

7 joint articulated laser arm
1. German Patented
2. Korean Patented
3. Chinese Patented

We also have 3 different options for the 7-joint articulated laser arm. These are German Patented articulated arm, Korean Patented articulated arm, and Chinese Patented articulated arm. Prices are determined based on the preferred main unit and laser arm. Main units produced in different countries are offered to you as options, and then the components are assembled in China. With this method, we can offer our buyers the product that is the most suitable in terms of both price and performance.

Our FraxiVa device is actively used in medical fields such as Medical Aesthetics, Dermatology, Gynecology, Plastic Surgery, General Surgery, and Dentistry.
Our FraxiVa Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser device has CE Mark approval. All inspections of our device is audited by the authorized institutions of the Republic of Turkey, and they are made ready for sale after the completion of their approval process.
The device is not produced in China. Its main units produced in different countries are assembled in China. This combination has no disadvantages. Our device has all certificates of conformity. The tube in carbon dioxide laser devices has a certain service life that does not differ from brand to brand. The service life of the tube varies depending on the amount of use. Therefore, giving warranty for spare parts even after the guarantee period of carbon dioxide devices, supplying spare parts, and doing this at affordable prices are very important. FraxiVa's spare parts are 70% more affordable than the spare parts of other expensive fractional laser devices. In addition, as Epiray Turkey, we support many domestic companies with technical service and spare parts. We provide solutions for your needs with our expert service staff serving 23 countries under the name of Epiray Turkey.
As Epiray Turkey, we have served in the field of Laser Technologies for 20 years. We sell 72 types of cosmetic products and medical devices, supply spare parts, and provide technical service to 23 countries with our expert staff. In case of a device malfunction, our team intervenes in the device on site, no matter which city you live in. If possible, we solve the problem on site; and in cases where it is not possible, we take the device to the center to fix the malfunction. In cases that require spare parts, we provide fast supply and don't leave our buyers helpless.
Epiray offers 2-year full support guarantee for all our devices. Our option to provide on-site service in 23 countries is our gift.
Our Epiray Full Support team can intervene in any device malfunction on-site, by reaching the site as soon as possible either by our own vehicles or by airline companies.

Yes, of course. Our devices are used safely by many physicians at clinics and many experts at beauty centers in 23 countries.
Our technical staff, experts and physicians who have specialized in our 72 different devices are always ready for after-sales support in 23 countries. You can also get support by contacting us and all our physicians via Zoom during working hours. With Epiray Full Support, you will never be alone.
In cash sales contracts, delivery is made with training within 1 week. However, in installment sales made within the scope of Epiray’s financing program, the delivery process may take longer. If excess stock exists, delivery can be made within 1 week even in installment sales.
On the day of delivery of the device, our technical team will provide you with training on the technical features of the device; and the training on the clinical uses of the laser device will be given by our specialist physicians at your own clinic. Even if you don’t have experience in fractional laser, you will receive training at your own clinic using with your own device, and you will have a detailed understanding of all the relevant procedures.
With Epiray Finance, we offer installment options after receiving a certain amount of down payment. You can also purchase the device with Leasing. We also offer special discount opportunities for our buyers who want to pay in cash.
Fraxiva is used in a variety of surgical fields. It's capable of cutting even the bones. As with all fractional laser devices; it has cutting, burning, evaporation and controlled damage features. Any physician who has received training from us does not carry the risk of involuntarily burning the tissues. However, when used by untrained or thoughtless people, it can damage the tissues as with all medical devices.
Considering the fact that the device will completely pay for itself in an estimated period of 6 to 12 months, we do not think that you will want to sell it. However, if you want to sell it for any compelling reasons, Epiray will be the first potential buyer offering a price for your device. You can also get support from us on technical service and delivery, with intent to make sales in the field.
All our medical devices require minimum 3 KWA online ups. In addition, we can give a reference about some brands. The price range is between $ 400 and $ 700 on average. Our sales representatives are ready to support you on the most suitable online UPS device.
Yes. Ensuring an air conditioner in the room and an ambient temperature not exceeding 20 is adequate.
No. We recommend you to use epilators for hair removal because this process requires different wavelengths.
No. However, the use of Fractional laser devices is the most effective method for removing stubborn tattoos. It is also possible to create treatment protocols with different methods.